my story

When I was three, I wandered off on an adventure.

I didn’t get very far. Some passing policemen spotted the wide-eyed child skipping down the road in her carpet slippers and thought it best to return her to her frantic parents.

Though that particular adventure was short-lived, it was the first of many: I have since lived my life with a taste for adventure and a drive to pursue new goals. This drive, along with a passion for design and tech, have carried me through Russia, Switzerland, France, New York, and into the bubbling heart of London which I now call home.

Over this time I have led design projects for a number of international and disruptive brands including Lebara Mobile, Vrumi and The Tab, with particular focus on usability and consumer-focused strategy. Through my work with startups and multinationals alike, I have developed a lean, iterative approach: prototyping and testing theories in order to achieve a product which not only looks great, but truly answers each user’s needs.

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